About us


Orrifinn Jewels is an Icelandic jewelry brand established in 2012 and owned by Helga Friðriksdóttir and Orri Finnbogason. Helga and Orri design all the jewelry together and each piece is made by them along with their talented group of staff at their studio in Reykjavík.

It all started with love, but the relationship developed into an additional working one when Helga and Orri started sharing their love for jewelry and what they wanted it to represent. Orri who graduated as a goldsmith in Reykjavík in 2005 and specialized in diamond setting in New York had already been working on his own designs but just on the side. Helga had worked as a project manager for designers but longed to make use of her own creative side.

Joining their design ideas and inspirations their first collection Anchor, was born in 2012. Being islanders the anchor was a consistent symbol in their lives, reminiscing childhood playtime on black shores, the fresh ocean breeze and a long bloodline of fishery. Since then they have released seven and counting jewelry collections which each has a story to tell. For Helga and Orri it is important that all sexes can wear their jewelry and therefore all their collections are unisex. They want their jewelry to be wearable, to be worn and enjoyed every day. For them jewelry is part of one’s lifestyle and should be more than adornments, they should express your feelings and contribute to life’s beauty. Orri and Helga have been just as inspired by everyday things as they are drawn to symbolism and more exotic things.

The Orrifinn collections are each a world of their own with a consistent theme that tells a story and contributes meaning. Anchors, Scarabs and braids are all very different themes, but all consist of the elements that interest Helga and Orri; beautiful shapes, an intriguing history, symbolism and meaning.

Throughout the years Orri and Helga have grabbed several opportunities to make bigger and more artistic pieces or sculptures, often inspired by the themes of their jewelry collections. They have participated in several exhibitions in Iceland and abroad.

The Orrifinn Jewels store is located in the heart of Reykjavík on Skólavörðustígur 43.


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